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The most common complaint we hear from men is the limited selection of suitable partners in Australia.

We think the reasons there are so few good women to choose from are two-fold.

 First, men aren't stupid. We know a good woman when we have one, and we hold on to her. Thus the choice is limited considerably by marriage and serious long-term relationships.

 The second reason is the feminist movement has corrupted a significant portion of western women in general and Australian in particular, and turned them into androgynous drones.

The main difference between Russian women and Australian women is that Russian women do not suffer from the Cinderella syndrome common to Australian females.

 Running a close third is the career woman. Right or wrong, her career is her priority.

It's ludicrous to claim that all Russian women are beautiful and feminine, or all western women are ugly and feminists. There is a mix of good honourable women and bad disreputable women in every region of the world. However, there are a few generalities worth mentioning.

The true feminism is prevalent among Russia women; the main focus of Russian women feminism is revealing in womanhood. It's quite refreshing.

For the most part Russian women really take care of their personal appearance.

Also, Russian women walk extensively, they eat responsibly, and they dress impeccably.

Russian women are more than just pretty faces atop nubile bodies. They are real people with all the advantages and disadvantages that come with being human. Each is an individual. Russian women exist in every imaginable form: from physical stature to personality type, intellectual level to emotional disposition, and/or every possible combination of these traits.

In fact, the variety of Russian women is just as diverse as are men's preferences.

Therefore, whatever traits or characteristics you are looking for can be found in Russian women.

The key for the man is to understanding his own personality and needs well enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The fact is - many Australian men interested in Russian women have had a divorce. These men are sick of the values of those of the women who have divorced them. They want to try something new. They still have a wide range of qualities in regards to their attractiveness, financial circumstances, age, etc.

However, the chances to find a woman 10-15 years younger for them is slim in Australia; it is not so typical of Australian society (unlike of Russia, where 10 - 15 years of age difference considered as a norm).

Sometimes we come across a stereotype that Russian women is a solutions to the problem of someone incapable of finding him a partner here in Australia. A "loser" of a kind.

We tend to disagree.

A man, who has so much adventure in him that he is willing to try something new, visit a foreign country and marry a young and beautiful foreign woman, is hardly what can be called a "loser".

A "loser" more likely will sit at home in quiet desperation and become a grumpy couch potato, or go to the local pub and drink till he is blind. A loser does not do the proactive, creative sort of thing, which is required to marry a foreign bride, in particular one from a country as different as Russia.

Go East mate!